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Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy: A Comical Game around Space Filled With Action

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Are you a Marvel comics enthusiast looking for a fun and engaging story-driven game? To do so, play the latest Marvel video game, delivered by Square Enix Limited and produced by Eidos-Montreal. The video game is based on both the film and the comic book series Guardians of the Galaxy.

The game is an interactive one in which you take on the role of Starlord, the main character, and make decisions on what to do next. The following section will offer you a basic understanding of what the game is all about.

Guardian of the Galaxy

The setting of the game

Like the film Guardians of the Galaxy, the entire game revolves around the cosmos, with several realms dealing with the effects of the necessary cosmic battle. The Guardians of the Galaxy, for instance, are a gang of professional fighters who take advantage of the situation and make fast money by traveling about the galaxy. The team is new and gives birth to a series of tragic events that lead to a new universe filled with Marvel characters.

Characters in Guardian of the Galaxy

You’ll meet many diverse characters from various realms while playing the game Guardian of the Galaxy. There are, however, a few key characters who have made the game renowned. All the fictional characters have a specific purpose in the game. The characters are arranged under for greater insight:

Peter Quill/ Star-lord: Peter Quill is the film’s protagonist, comics, and the video game. The only character born to human parents, Peter Quill, is the group’s leader and an intergalactic police officer.

Gamora: Thanos’ adopted daughter Gamora is renowned for her strength, speed, and healing abilities.

Rocket Racoon: Rocket is an excellent shooter, and anthropomorphic raccoon noted for his intelligence, weapon specializations, and master tactical characteristics.

Groot: Groot is a heroic tree-like alien creature best remembered for the line “I am Groot.”

Drax the Destroyer: An strong fictional figure that embarks on a quest to avenge Thanos, who murdered Drax’s whole family.


The game is a lot of fun to play as the plot progresses with each chapter. From a third-person perspective, he takes on the role of the Star- lord’s character, making decisions. Using Star-lord’s boots and guns, enemies are killed in this action-packed game. Other characters in the game are handled by AI, although players can command the combats. Each character has unique abilities and delivers humorous comments, which, when combined, assist in defeating the opponent. Whatever options you make, keep in mind that the game only has one ending.

Overall Experience

The game is highly interactive, hilarious, and action-packed, with captivating graphics and sounds to provide the best possible movie experience in the form of a game. The background music from the 1980s adds to the whole experience, keeping you involved throughout the game. The action has done full justice to each of the game’s characters to provide a genuine experience. So join the guardians’ army to safeguard the galaxy, which will be well worth the time.


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