Movie-Based Game


For decades, Pokemon has been a favorite of many youths. Pokemon Go, with its unique gameplay, did take over the world a few years ago. Pikachu has long been a well-liked character around the globe. On the other hand, people fell in love with Pikachu all over again after the release of the film Pokemon Detective Pikachu. Game makers, conversely, took advantage of this and created a game based on the movie Detective Pikachu. Discover more about the game and its features by reading through the article!

About the game

Detective Pikachu is a game full of hidden mysteries to discover, making it a thrilling adventure. The Pokemon Company publishes the game, which is created by Creatures Inc. and marketed by Nintendo. The game is part of the Pokemon series, and it focuses on cinematic storytelling, with the players partnering with Pikachu to solve strange cases. In comparison to the Pokemon anime, the visuals are eye-catching and give a realistic impression.

Detective Pikachu

The plot of Detective Pikachu

Pikachu isn’t thought to be the most powerful Pokemon, yet his cleverness constantly triumphs over his opponents. The game is set in a realm where each person has their own Pokemon. Tim Goodman’s father, who worked with Pikachu, passes away, and Pikachu becomes Tim’s Pokemon. Pikachu is a talking Pokemon who Tim can only hear. Later in the storyline, they embark on a quest to solve the mysteries together in order to rescue their city from the evil building up in the town.

Detective Pikachu Gameplay

As previously stated, the game is an adventure game filled with investigation activities that many curious players love. Pikachu is controlled by AI, while the players may only control Tim Goodman’s character. From a third-person perspective, players join Pikachu on an adventure to solve numerous mysteries.

Both protagonists solve the mystery by walking around the city locations, searching for possible clues, and conversing with people and various Pokemon to learn additional information. The game also has a film-like feel to it, with amusing and interactive lines that keep players engaged and entertained throughout.

Detective Pikachu

Overall Experience

Despite being a 2D game, the game succeeds in providing high-quality graphics and sounds, enabling players to immerse themselves in the world of Pokemons. The clues are enjoyable to locate during the game by interacting with various characters who provide additional insight into the world of the Pokemons, allowing the players to understand more about the game. If you like Pokemon and want to feel like a detective, this game might be the right fit for you.

So, prepare to overcome challenges and solve mysteries with Pikachu and set off to explore and save the Pokemon world.